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Spot and Stain Removal

How to Keep it Clean, Fresh, and Looking Like New!

There are several important factors to consider BEFORE attempting to remove spots and spills from your fabrics and floor coverings. Remembering these simple steps will greatly increase your ability to react to accidents when they occur.

Any individual fibers, depending on how it is woven together, has between 50-80% of space in and around its surface. The first step in removing solid or semi-solid substances is to LIFT IT OUT with a vacuum cleaner attachment. If that is not possible at the time, use a spatula, spoon, or knife to remove it. DO NOT RUB it deeper into the airspace of the fibers!

The next step is to determine whether the material is Washable or “Dry Clean Only”. Water or water-based cleaners can permanently damage “Dry Clean Only” fibers. Always check for the cleaning code before going any further. If in doubt, it is always safer to use a water-free cleaning solvent, such as FiberGard “S”.

If the spot is INORGANIC, such as oil, tar, grease, gum, or ink (no matter what type of fiber you are cleaning), use a DRY CLEANING SOLVENT. Water will only make the spot worse.

If the spot is ORGANIC, such as blood, food, juice, soil, or grass, AND THE FABRIC IS WASHABLE, using a water-based cleaner is appropriate.

Put a few drops of the appropriate cleaner on a clean, white terry-cloth towel, NOT DIRECTLY ON THE SPOT. Working from the outside inward, gently lift the spot up. DO NOT RUB!

Keep using a clean part of the towel until the spot has been transferred. Do not get the spot too damp with water or with the cleaner you are using! Statistically, only one in forty water rings will ever come out completely even with a professional cleaning. Blot dry and repeat if necessary. To avoid rings, feather a slightly dampened towel lightly around the edges. Dry quickly with a hair dryer on the coolest setting or use an electric fan. Remember, nothing will stop strong acids, dyes, and bleaches from permanent staining. Be careful! For overall cleaning assistance or if you need help, please email us!

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