“You have given our customers excellent service, which is extremely important to us. Having personally recommended this protective process, we have, to this date, received no negative feedback and nothing but compliments. Your company seems to be extremely well organized and FiberGard products are the best.

                                            Lissa Plexico & Cheryl L. Willhite (Designers - Plantation Interiors, Inc.)

“As you know, we experience a tremendous amount of traffic here at Shipyard Golf Club and Restaurant and are constantly battling dirty and worn carpet. FiberGard has made a noticeable difference in the wear of the carpet as well as resisting the dirt and soil. One of the more amazing things I’ve seen was the easy removal of the chewing gum which was embedded in the carpet. Super!”

William H. Deck (Head Golf Pro – Shipyard Golf Club & Restaurant)

It has been six months since our first application of your product on the custom area rug in our Reception Center and I must admit that I am more than pleased with the results. Recently a guest tracked road tar onto this rug… I am extremely pleased to report that every trace of the tar was removed and the rug restored to its like new condition.”

“As a certified member of the National Executive Housekeepers Association, with many years of experience using nearly all of the protective treatments available such as Scotchguard by 3-M and others, I can say without reservation that the FiberGard treatment is by far the superior product and service.

John R. Scott (Director – Housekeeping Services – Mariner’s Inn)

“I believe I may be the biggest FiberGard fan ever! I’ve been using it for years – even back in the days when it was called CraftGard. My husband and I create hand woven tapestry footstools, ottomans, and benches and market them on our website and at art shows in several states… It is not an understatement to say that we would not be in business without FiberGard… We often hear follow-up feedback from clients and how well the tapestries hold up years after their original purchase. We know that’s FiberGard doing its job!”

Lisa Berry (Owner & Artist – Motherloom Studios)

“I am sold on my investment in FiberGard and will certainly suggest it to anyone who cares about protecting the beautiful furnishings they work hard for, especially our property owners....FiberGard is one of those rare products that perform up to expectations. The product does exactly what it claims to do even though it sounds too good to be true! Chuck Dimmock is an honest and reliable businessman who has spent years in the field developing and improving the FiberGard program. We use FiberGard protection because it adds extra value to our design services…We recommend FiberGard without reservation, and I would encourage you to try it yourself. It is a great product that is backed by great people.”

Bill Neville (Vice President – Plantation Interiors, Inc.)

“Using FiberGard has been one of the best preventative measures we have taken. Protecting the furnishings when they are brand new has saved us both time and money, and kept the units looking great. Spots and spills have come right up. That makes the housekeeping and maintenance department’s jobs much easier. Our carpets and fabrics are definitely lasting longer and staying cleaner than ever before. We save money  in both replacement costs and cleaning expenses… Rest assured I will continue to use this product for many years to come.”

Joseph J. Nahman (Vice President – RMC Property Management & Consulting, Inc.)


This product should not be confused by widely marketed water-based protectants… After ordinary use, this type of product wears or washes out leaving the fabric unprotected and the consumer failing to realize any measureable long term benefit. An investment in FiberGard will be money well spent for added protection to your personal or commercial property.”

Susan Tietjen, IIDA (Contract Design – Plantation Interiors, Inc.)

“For over eighteen years we have been recommending FiberGard to our property owners…The FiberGard treatment has proven itself to be more effective than mill-applied solutions and will not come off after repeated cleanings. This is a win/win product for owners as well as property managers… We highly recommend this company’s products.”

Lori Romolo (General Manager – Worthy Rentals Inc.)

“It has been a full year now [since the FiberGard application to our furniture, and the furniture still looks like new after a year’s worth of heavy rentals. When we put the white sofas in a rental house, people thought we were crazy, but thanks to FiberGard they still look lovely.”

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Moser

“…we have used FiberGard on an ongoing basis for the last six years. We have worked with other companies in this regard and have found  none that can compare to FiberGard… the condominiums completed in the last three years, we have found their condition like new, because of this product.”

Suzanne Neilsen (Manager - Citicom American Management Corp.)

“Since we have been using FiberGard, we’ve been able to sell more of the lighter colors in upholstery and carpeting. The customers don’t worry about soiling problems for units on the rental market.”

Barbara A. Hudson (Owner – Squire Pope Furniture)

“ I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how very pleased I am with the treatment on my car upholstery and just how many times I would have had several bad stains on it… I’ve has several spills and just simply blotted them up with no hint of a stain… the treatment made my upholstery “kid-proof”. Thank you… for introducing me to a new miracle!”

Beverly Boyd (Director Sales Administration – Nexus Properties)