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"I was recently petsitting for a friend at her Sea Pines home when one of the two dogs ran into an end table and my just-poured glass of red wine spilled onto her white sofa.  I knew the sofa had been fibergarded, so contacted owner Chuck Dimmock that night. He came over and neutralized the site early the next morning and not a trace of red wine was left afterwards.  Truly miraculous! 

Brenda B. 


I am writing this letter as a very pleased and happy owner of a rental home that has been protected with FiberGard for the 17 years I have owned it.


I take terrific care of our home in Sea Pines, but I would only be able to attain the quality of care and appearance with the wonderful people from Fibergard, who care as much…if not more..than I do.


I have had family members and repeat guests tell me that, even now, it looks the way it did when we first purchased it.  The house came with new level loop carpeting in the dining room, living room, steps to three levels and all the hallways and landings -a light taupe color.  In addition, the 4 bedrooms were carpeted with ivory plush carpet that had been in the house when it was a rental property for the previous owner.  In addition to that, I purchased an off white cotton sectional and light taupe microfiber upholstered dining room chairs.  Obviously, even as a residence, and more as a rental, the light color and fabric quality was going to be a challenge.


When the furnishings were first treated with FiberGard, I had a good feeling that we were getting great protection.

I was correct – but even more, what I didn’t realize at first, was that the people who would be servicing my home and furnishings were experts with stain treating and care of fabrics.

Without FiberGard I would have had to refurnish my home several times by now.  Instead we – and just as importantly, our rental guests- enjoy a beautifully furnished home that looks almost brand new.


And, to make the challenge ever greater, we bring our dog and allow our rental guests to bring dogs.  (I do charge a pet fee and use that money to support my FiberGard “habit.”)

Between the professional cleaning and the FiberGard treatments, the price is considerable.  The peace of mind and the comfort knowing our house is in wonderful shape is priceless.


Each year, in December or January, all of the fabrics and carpeting are cleaned professionally and right in step with that, FiberGard is applied.  That is our annual cleaning.  At least three more times, the carpets and furniture are cleaned professionally.  The FiberGard not only makes the process more successful, it’s been the most dependable protection in between treatments.

From red footprints discovered from the front door to the upper most bedroom and back….to the jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce spilled in the dining room…to the little child-sized BBQ sauce fingerprints on the dining room chairs – you’d never know any of these…and many more..happened.


After the first 6 years of having rental companies handle the rentals,

I have taken over and been renting our home for close to 40 weeks every year.


I credit our enormous success to our relationship with Fibergard – the product and the people.

Design Furnitures

As a certified member of the National Executive Housekeepers Association, with many years of experience using nearly all of the protective treatments available such as Scotchguard by 3-M and others, I can say without reservation that the FiberGard treatment is by far the superior product and service.

John R. Scott
Director – Housekeeping Services Mariner’s Inn

Toba B.

Wooden Furnitures

Lisa Berry
Owner & Artist
Motherloom Studios

“I believe I may be the biggest FiberGard fan ever! I’ve been using it for years – even back in the days when it was called CraftGard. My husband and I create hand woven tapestry footstools, ottomans, and benches and market them on our website and at art shows in several states… It is not an understatement to say that we would not be in business without FiberGard… We often hear follow-up feedback from clients and how well the tapestries hold up years after their original purchase. We know that’s FiberGard doing its job!”

Interior Design

Rick Meccariello 
Project Director
Marriott's Grande Ocean Resort

"In the resort industry, it is critical that our facilities look their best at all times. Also important from a profit standpoint is finding the ways and means to extend the life of our furnishings before replacement is necessary. We have found that FiberGard Plus! helps achieve these objectives...and we recommend it highly."

Interior Design

RMC Property Management & Consulting, Inc.

“Using FiberGard has been one of the best preventative measures we have taken. Protecting the furnishings when they are brand new has saved us both time and money, and kept the units looking great. Spots and spills have come right up. That makes the housekeeping and maintenance department’s jobs much easier. Our carpets and fabrics are definitely lasting longer and staying cleaner than ever before. We save money  in both replacement costs and cleaning expenses… Rest assured I will continue to use this product for many years to come.”

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