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Modern Living Room

Welcome to Superior Fabric Protection

We've been protecting furnishings for over 40 years.

Our local team's expertise and customized services allow our clients in the lowcountry to enjoy their furnishings WORRY-FREE from spills, smudges, and spots. Start first with us - the initial step in preserving your investment. Our proprietary protection solution extends useful life and appearance and allows most spills to be blotted away!

Carpets and Fabrics Last Longer

The useful life and appearance are greatly increased. That means you can extend replacement time and save money! Under controlled laboratory conditions, fabrics treated with FiberGard Plus! maintained color and brightness longer than untreated fabrics. 

Safe for washable And "dry clean only" fabrics

No matter what types of fibers you choose, rest assured they can be protected! Furnishings treated with FiberGard Plus! are better prepared to meet the demands of everyday use.

Remove Soil, spots, and mildew

Cleaning is more effective. FiberGard Plus! penetrates each fiber, providing a better level of protection. When applied to cotton fabric, our solution decreased its flammability by 50% in lab tests. And it helps resist mildew, making it easier to extract living spores and organisms from treated fibers.

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