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FiberGard Plus! in-home consultations are available to residents of the Lowcountry. Through our Interior Designer partners and other friends, we have been providing stellar service to happy customers for over 40 years!

To schedule a consultation, reach out to us via our Contact page. We’d love to hear from you and we aim to help in any way we can!
If you'd like an estimate of services, please review our starting price list by clicking on the image below. Final pricing will be based on our in-home, in-person consultation. We love working with Interior Designers and we've highlighted some of our favorites in the image gallery.

Keep in mind, our estimates are based on the amount of product that may be used on your selection. It's also good to know that after our service, your treated furniture will need 4-6 hours to dry and will need to be kept free of traffic (from tenants, pets, or children).

View our Price List before your in-home consultation.

Schedule an In-Home Consultation

We'd love to hear from you and schedule an in-home consultation for a complete estimate of services. 

Thanks for submitting!
We'll reach out to set up a time convenient for you.
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